PRODUCTION LTD was founded in 2008 as a facility that provides services and constructs materials for Point of Sales – Promotion.
We are trading in the broader area of advertising industry, constructions as well as of the interior design.

We have internal infrastructure, human resources and equipment that can cope with any kind of task, small or big production, that we will be assigned.

We invest in new technologies by constantly enriching our production with fresh ideas and innovative solutions. We aim to be in the forefront by expanding and creating conditions in order to reassure our clients that their promotional activities, campaigns and also elegant decorative applications will be successful.



PRODUCTION LTD is one of the few companies that have industrial 3D design, vacuum forming, cutting and printing in the same location, while more than 90% of the works are realized within our Company’s premises in order to ensure quality and consistency in every step of the project.

PRODUCTION LTD can also realize lightening solutions (led technology), video as well as distance digital management of your material. For the productions we use a wide range of materials such: paper, Plexiglass, polystyrene, PVC, aluminum, iron and wood.



We are passionate about sustainability and the way we can make a difference as a company. We are well aware that the best way to achieve sustainable development is by respecting the environment, our employees, our business associates as well as all the stakeholders. We are specialized in providing complex solutions for the coverage of the fast growing needs of retail stores.


From the early stage of the creation of a product, the technology choice, materials purchase until the production and the transportation, we make sure we choose the best practices in order to maintain the positive impact in the environment.

Product Safety:

Products’ safety are a matter of importance, so that every product will be subjected to a strict testing process. As a part of our regular production process, we are pleased to provide compliance certifications for the products upon request.

Sustainable Supplies:

We invest in building stable relationships with excellent suppliers, who acquire certifications  for all of their products. Moreover, we use biodegradable raw materials and additives that eliminate the pollutant emissions.